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IBM Business Continuity Index

IBM Resiliency Services is committed to delivering better risk management strategies, and raising the profile of business continuity management among the businesses we work with. The IBM Business Continuity Index allows you to take the pulse of your organisation – identifying where improvements can be made, and outlining potential next steps for your business.

Getting started

Click on the 'Begin' button below to complete the questionnaire. For each question you will need to select a rating from 0-4. Further guidance is provided to help you select the most appropriate rating for your company.

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IBM Business Continuity Index results diagram

  • Assess
  • Design
  • Planning
  • Test
  • Maintain
  • Exposed
  • Aware
  • Capable
  • Mature

What to expect

The questionnaire has 25 multiple choice questions and takes about 15 minutes to complete. When completed, the results will be shown on screen, and you will have the opportunity to have your results emailed to you. The results page also provides information and guidance on the next steps that you may want to consider when developing a robust risk management strategy for your business.

A review of the results to date has already yielded some interesting statistics about the global state of business continuity and the key characteristics that indicate particular maturity or exposure in continuity terms. Read an analysis of these results to find out more.

The results of the test remain confidential to you. The data from all respondents will be consolidated and analysed by IBM to provide a comparison of results for example by industry. It will not be possible to view company specific or personal data from those consolidated reports.